The Faces of Fiorina Jewellery

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Celebrating 20 years of innovative jewellery design

Elizabeth Pertile

Dream catchers, pom poms, Sicilian Carretti, these are just a few of her favourite things. Elizabeth’s warm and infectious energy lights up the Fiorina Jewellery studio. She is part of the family, sewing the delicate ribbon pouches synonymous with the Fiorina brand. Elizabeth is an aficionado on so many levels, expressing joyous style through embellishment.

“My first Fiorina Jewellery experience was tribal, raw and exciting. The first incredible necklace I purchased had so much divine heart and beautiful soul which was a genuine reflection of Fiorina…Twenty years later I’m still healthily hooked on Fiorina Jewellery. It’s pretty meaningful that you can feel so profoundly about the jewellery but after you witness the process of it being made, the energy, the consideration and the sheer creativity, it makes complete sense…I feel fortunate to be a part of this celebration of such an exquisite and rare human being and brand.”

Giuliani Sisters
Tahlia, Adrianna and Isabella Giuliani

The Giuliani sisters have Fiorina Jewellery in their DNA. My beautiful cousins have been wearing the jewellery since they could walk. Each with their distinct style and a vivacious love of jewellery they are a very special part of the Fiorina Jewellery family.

“I’m one of Fiorina Jewellery biggest fans, not just because she is my cousin…It’s just something I can’t live without now.”

“One of my greatest memories is working with Fiorina at her first studio when I was a teenager. From then my love for Fiorina Jewellery has only grown and I am so proud of the label it has become today!”

“My most cherished pieces of Fiorina jewellery are my rings. I can’t choose just one because they all have sentimental value and are show stoppers!!”

Elliot Garnaut

Elliot is a true dapper man about town – Elliot has an equal love for Art and fashion. His aesthetic sophistication and playful spirit is flaunted day to night in a fearless fashion.

“One can buy the most simple piece knowing that it is made with so much love and inspiration behind it which makes it so much more than just a piece of jewellery. One can walk into the store and automatically feel a part of the family, and by wearing a piece you are solidified as a part of the wider ‘Fiorina Family’. That is the reason I love the jewellery so much.”

Natalie Forsyth

A true fashionista with a contagious love of fashion. Nat lives and breathes show biz and her explosive cool style reveals her rock star roots. This mother of three has a dynamic energy that never fails to make her Fiorina Jewellery shine brighter.

“My most cherished piece is my art deco diamond and white gold ring. The “push ring” was purchased by my husband after giving birth to our third child. It’s the sort of ring that attracts attention. I’m often caught admiring its beauty even after 4 years!”

Jaye & Bree Thorpe

This dynamic mother and daughter team beautifully play off each other in all things family, fun and fashion. Their sharp wit and genuine warmth have embraced Fiorina Jewellery in their glamorous world. These ladies dress to impress, whether on the streets of Milan or in their own backyard. With a combined wardrobe to fantasize about we love how the Thorpes up the fashion stakes.

“I have a necklace with a large natural aquamarine. When I wear it I have a feeling of peace and coolness. It reminds me of my brother who loved the ocean. Fiorina Jewellery is complicated. It has the ability to calm and sooth but also uplift your spirit. Each day I look at my collection and a piece will choose me!”

“Fiorina to me is complete luxe food for the soul.”


An original “Crystal Child”, Coco literally grew up in the Fiorina Jewellery studio. Rachel Williams (Coco’s mother) was Fiorina’s very first employee. The beautiful Rachel has always had a connection to all things chakra. It is only apt that our little kindred spirit is in her element amongst the beauty and power of these precious gems.

Victoria McNeilley

Victoria embodies the spirit of Fiorina Jewellery. From the earliest visits to the studio Victoria embraced Fiorina’s signature style. They shared a love of skulls, crosses and all things tribal. Words cannot do justice to the beauty and heart of Victoria and her daughters. The unwavering support and supreme style of Victoria McNeilley has enriched our lives.

“I am incomplete without it. It is part of my persona and no matter what pieces I’m wearing; it is admired all over the world. I feel personally connected to the Fiorina brand and also to the wonderful human being that is Fiorina.”

Kat Stewart

This incredibly brilliant and beautiful actress of the stage and screen looks radiant in every piece we put on her. It was an honour to work with such an amazing woman and we loved the glamour and sophistication of her aura. She is a true icon of Australian talent and beauty and a gift to our creative industries.

“Fearless, individual and beautiful.”
Kat Stewart

Joe Mammone

Brilliant restaurateur Joe Mammone cleverly fuses work and play with perfect execution. Joe brings pure style to the table in the fashion stakes and his relationship to Fiorina Jewelley doesn’t stop there. The incredible Sarti team have been an invaluable partnership with our 20 year anniversary celebrations.

“The roaring lioness, strength, power and presence”
Joe Mammone


A love of Christian Iconography and tattooing harmonise naturally with Fiorina Jewellery. Although fairly new to the Fiorina Jewellery family Nina has a growing collection of bold statement pieces that give voice to her individuality and style.

“Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique. For me Fiorina Jewellery makes me feel so good on the inside. It really compliments my body art.”

Shona Dandie

Shona has connected with Fiorina Jewellery since the earliest days. This beautiful redhead bubbles with a sultry vivacity. Her collection of big earrings and rings, with a love of black onyx is the perfect canvas to showcase that otherworldly beauty.

“What makes Fiorina Jewellery even more beautiful is how beautiful Fiorina is herself….Effortless understated unique elegance and glamour...and so much more as I have known Fiorina for so long. My Fiorina pieces as my prized possessions!”

Maurice Golotta

This very talented artist, who also happens to be my little brother, is very much responsible for the creative energy that is synonymous with Fiorina Jewellery. If it’s screen printed or painted it has passed through his hands. Maurice makes a regular appearance at the studio where his input is always valued but often challenged!

“Fiorina’s studio represents equal parts pleasure and pain. (laughs)”